Avi Hitelman, Co-Founder, CEO Avi has been working in mobile arena for more than a decade. Avi served as VP R&D in e-sim and SkyMobilemedia for last 10 years, developing large-scale mobile projects and managing local and off-shore teams worldwide. avihit@upontek.com
Lior David, Co-Founder, CTO Lior is a proficient software architect with over 15 years experience in design and development of mobile software, from low level layers to user interface, and from basic to feature and smart phones. Lior also has keen interest in compilers, emulators, virtual machines and optimization techniques. lior@upontek.com
Michal Geva, Co-Founder, VP Business Development Michal served as the General Manager of Sun Israel Development Center. She built and grew a business unit of JavaME world-wide deployment, working closely with operators and device manufacturers. michal.geva@upontek.com