1. J2ME to Android: How Does It Work

    Standard Process:

    ● Customer sends Java Midlet (jar format)
    ● Customer signs license agreement
    ● UpOnTek converts app to Android
    ● UpOnTek secures payment
    ● UpOnTek returns app

    J2ME to Android Conversion is Complete

    Dynamic creation
    of specific app:

    If you are deploying dynamic applications, which are created on the fly, then use this UpOnTek option. As an example, this option is useful if you are creating dynamic applications, which are built according to customer’s choice of her device. A customer chooses your app, and his device, which will change the parameters of the application. The application is created dynamically with the customer’s input. UpOnTek’s tool is integrated within customer’s eco-system, and invoked on the fly, to enable such a solution.


    Dynamic creation
    of non-specific apps:

    OEM deal in which the tool is to become part of the customer’s eco-system. The Android version of the application is generated on the fly as part of the customer’s process of building applications in her proprietary language (based on J2ME).
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